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S. A. Korolev. Parallel life: the person on the Internet
Summary: The article is devoted to the analysis of diverse influence which renders the Internet on life and intrinsic displays of the modern person. The Internet is analyzed also as sphere of self-affirmation and original psychological indemnification for failure in real life, and as space of creative self-realization. At last, in this article it is shown that for its many inhabitants the Internet starts to carry out function some kind of the collective psychoanalyst. Finally, to many constant users of the Internet it gives the chance to build some kind of “parallel life”, a substitute of life real.

Keywords: человек, интернет, бытие, информация, язык, самоутверждение, самореализация, коммуникация, сознание, виртуальность, фобия, гражданское общество.

Журнал «Философские науки», 2010, № 9.

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