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S. A. Korolev. Ambiguities of history: fundamental processes in the Russian space of power
Summary: This article discusses the specifics of the fundamental course of historical processes in Russia - modernization, colonization, globalization. The author emphasizes that these processes are very complex - not only in the sense that it is a constellation of many elements, but also because they include a number of different directions of the vectors.
In accordance with this presumption the author the author analyzes a symbiotic process of modernization / de-modernization, the process of decolonization as an inevitable product of the type of colonization, which for centuries dominated in Russia, as well as the contradictions of the globalization process, especially in terms of economic and socio-cultural asynchrony of its components.

Keywords: multivectorness modernization demodernization archaization colonization decolonization globalization power technologies of power

Журнал «Философия и культура», 2012, № 9.

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