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S. A. Korolev. "Disciplinary dreams" as the phenomenon of "social unconscious". An attempt at systematization
Summary: The article updates less common in our social and human sciences concept of "public subconscious." The author stresses that this concept should be distinguished from the "collective unconscious" of C.G. Jung as the product of inherited brain structures. A significant body (two hundred) of entries from social networks is considered, fixing dreams about being of an individual in such disciplinary structures as the army and students’ dormitory. The author states that there is a general matrix of perceiving and evaluating of social realities that stands above individual subconsciousness. And this layer of the subconscious which is now available to researchers through the relevant record in social networks is an important material for understanding the realities of the modern Russian society and its structures of consciousness.

Key words: Consciousness, subconsciousness, unconscious, archetype, dream, army, hostel, Freud, Jung, Fromm

Журнал «Психология и психотехника», 2012, № 10.

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