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S.A.Korolev. Microstructures in the Russian space of power: archetypes and mechanisms of functioning
Summary: The article analyzes the mechanisms of functioning of the microstructures located in the Russian space of power. The main attention is focused on a number of typological and/or archetypal structures, the most important of which is dom-dvor. The author concerns the functioning of the regulatory parameters of such a microsocium set out in well-known book of the sixteenth century called "Domostroy" and the real practice of the exercise of power, often going beyond the norms.
In the article two types of microsociums existing in global space of the power, – “church” and “sect” are considered. They are based on two types of discipline – authoritative discipline and discipline of indirect regulation. The author investigates a situation of coexistence of authoritative discipline and discipline of self-organizing, on the one hand, and technologies of the power and control mechanisms, with another, naming original balance between them disciplinary balance.
The author pays attention to universality of principles of the organization of society on micro- and macrolevel, at this major structurization tool of microsociums of power becomes hierarchization. It is noticed that in the Russian space at macrolevel defining always were rigid, mongolmorphic technologies. But at microlevel within centuries, since the system described in “Domostroy”, autochthonic technologies dominated.

Keywords: philosophy, power, discipline, control, microsociums, hierarchization, society, Weber, Foucault, Podoroga

Электронный журнал "Философские исследования", 2013, № 5.

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